Review: ‘The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb’

Wrath of the Lamb - Header

I used to write lots of reviews back when I was still a video game journalist, so I got really interested in writing one once I laid my hands on the expansion for The Binding of Isaac, Wrath of the Lamb. It’s a game that doesn’t require much addition in the first place, giving players high quantities of random generated content so that the play experience is unique every time that you play. However, developer Edmund McMillen decided to work on Wrath of the Lamb for the last couple of months and it really adds a massive amount of content to the game.

The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb doesn’t give us any multiplayer and it also doesn’t bring us any additional technical features. What it does instead is adding 50% more content to the game, raising the level of randomness even more. It adds a ton of new items, a set of new items called “trinkets”, new chapters, new enemies, new bosses, a new optional last level, a new set of rooms, and a lot of other stuff, including new music of Danny Baranowsky. It is worth noting that the new songs are added to the tracklist if you bought the original game on Steam with the soundtrack.

The most obvious additions to the game, the new enemies and power-ups, add a really great twist to the original formula. Spider-like enemies now crawl over the floor while horrifying Mulligans with bombs on their heads are chasing you, trying to blow you up along with themselves. These additions are really great and make the game a lot more interesting, especially because the new variables in the rooms themselves, which you will have to find out yourself, add a little bit more depth to the experience. Be warned though, if you mastered the original Binding of Isaac you will find it a real challenge to play Wrath of the Lamb. Although, once you’ve figured out all the patterns of every single new enemy and boss, the game becomes relatively easier to play again.

The Binding of Isaac is a game that didn’t need much more content in the first place, but the new expansion adds a substantial amount of new content that makes purchasing a must. The promise of 50% more content is blended really well into the game and with a very small price tag of $2.99 on Steam, it’s absolutely worth a purchase. (8/10)

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